The impact of toxic work culture comes with a quarter-trillion dollar cost
49% of American workers have thought about leaving their current organization.
Nearly 1/5 havce left their job in the last 5 years and culture is the reason why.
The cost of turnover due to workplace culture exceeded $223 Billion ...over the past five years.
People managers are essential to creating work culture. 6/10 say managers are the reason they left their organizations.
1 in 3 say their manager doesn't know how to lead them. 3 in 10 say their manager doesn't encourage a culture of open and trasnparent communication.
Nearly 1/4 dread going to work, don't feel safe voicing their opinions about work-related issues, and don't feel respected and valued at work.
Spillover into the world
3/10 say workplace culture makes them irritable at home.
Let's build better workplace cultures. Invest in strong management. Good managers help cultivate great work cultures. Have a crucial conversation. Change starts with honest conversations about culture that lead to strategic action.