Are Your Benefits Working for Your Culture? Talk About It!


Benefit offerings are one important way organizations attract and maintain top talent. Today, there are more job openings than people looking for work, so every employer is looking for an edge. Benefits offer a great opportunity for companies to set themselves apart from the competition and show employees that the organization values them and their well-being.

While employers view healthcare as one of the most critical benefits to offer their employees, many are branching out to offer other out-of-the-ordinary perks to attract and retain talent. According to SHRM’s 2019 Benefits Survey, there is growing interest in benefits like student loan repayment, standing desks and telecommuting options.

Looking for a way to improve your workplace culture through better benefits?

  • Ask your employees how your organization’s benefit offerings could be improved. Sit down and have conversations with your staff members or encourage your organization to capture feedback via a survey and/or focus groups.
  • Bring your team’s feedback to your Human Resources department. There is a huge array of benefits outside of healthcare that your employer can offer to create a well-rounded total rewards package.
  • Encourage your Human Resources department to download SHRM’s 2019 Benefits Survey to help them understand the current benefits landscape and what other employers are doing.

Your organization’s benefit offerings are reflective of its workplace culture and organizational values. So, approach them boldly and strategically. Continuing conversations about how benefits can be improved demonstrate to employees that the company truly cares about them—their health, well-being and security—individually.

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