Never Forget: How to be Respectful of Patriot Day in the Office


September 11, 2001 changed the way our country approaches violence and safety in the workplace. As we mark the eighteenth anniversary of the attacks that shocked our nation, conversations associated with the event will inevitability come up and should be approached with sensitivity and pause. It is important to honor those lives lost and educate younger generations about importance of Patriot Day and the Never Forget mentality. Here are some ways you can honor the day, support your coworkers, and foster work environments where open dialog about these topics is encouraged.

  1. Listen: Younger generations may have questions about what happened on September, 11. Take the opportunity to educate them about what happened and how they too can honor the lives lost.
  2. Participate in a moment of silence: Whether this is done in a formal manner or quietly by yourself at your desk, take a moment during the day to remember the tragedy and honor all of the first responders who risked their lives for others.
  3. Show Respect: Approach conversations about 9/11 with sensitivity and respect. If a conversation broaches into emotional territory, kindly encourage that person to seek support from your Human Resources office. It is there they will be able to talk through what is on their mind with a HR professional who is trained in navigating sensitive or difficult conversations and if necessary, find additional resources for support.

The Never Forget mentality doesn’t go away once Patriot Day comes to a close. The respect can and should be carried throughout your daily life. If you are interested in making a greater impact, consider volunteering or supporting non-profit organizations who continue to honor those lives lost.